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My Lovecraftian Mind
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19th May 2013, 9:00 AM
It turns out that a ten mile hike across three towns after a full work shift is not conducive to finishing comics in a single sitting.

Who knew, right?

So, in the meantime I guess this is the next best thing to a filler comic I've got on hand. I started working on it AWHILE back actually, but only recently got around to finishing it. I've got a constant nerd boner for anything even vaguely Lovecraftian in influence, and I thought it would be fun to draw some of my characters outside of their usual setting.

Apologies for the douchey watermark on the image, along with the slightly more obnoxious text; I intend for a non-cluster-fucked-by-bullshit version of this to be available at ConnectiCon as a small print. For free, actually. I doubt I'll have the leftover change to pick up a business license/permit/thing, which is required in CT in order to sell my wares at a convention. For that reason - as well as in case things with the table don't work out (long story) - I'll just be giving these away in trade for a handshake or a doodle or something.

I dunno, we'll see what I think of on the trip down.

Anyway, the comic will be up later today (about 2/5 done at the time of writing this), I'm expecting early afternoon or late morning?

Might be skipping Dag for y'all. Totally worth it.

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