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26th Nov 2012, 4:33 PM
Sometimes certain ideas that aren't strictly related to the comic force themselves out of the claw-grab machine I call a brain, yet they aren't so involved or unique that I can be assed to create an entirely new comic over it.

That's a Meanwhile comic.

It'll mostly be little things in my own life that effect the comic at least a little, or something amusing, but I think it's going to become a thing.


(NOTE: I originally recorded a video blog thing explaining the situation in more detail, but this borrowed-without-asking internet is balls and wont take the strain of a YouTube upload)

Well folks, for the first amount of extended time in QUITE awhile I am completely bereft of internet, unless I drive 45 minutes and steal college wifi. It's an idiotically long story of people being petty and small, spiced with money problems and lightly simmered in a broth of frustration and bafflement.

Basically, the internet/phone/cable aren't in my name (nor under my control) where I currently live, and after briefly telling the person who DOES control said services that I don't approve of how they've been acting recently and that, because of this, I have no desire to associate with them any more then absolutely necessary (they asked). Next day I had a bittersweet validation of mu opinion, because they decided to cancel JUST the internet service (the only thing I even use).
For years it's been considered a necessary service for the household, but now that they have moved themselves into a different house and don't use it themselves, it's a different matter and "waste of money".

Of course, the major problem here lies in the fact that I'm kind of stuck living in the middle of the Vermont boonies with no vehicle other than Monday-Wednesday, and while I usually keep a day job to help supplement my comic/writing, this fact has forced me to focus instead on work-from-home types of jobs and my creative work, all of which require the internet.

I'm trying to get all of this settled right now, though it's a slow uphill process. Only one ISP provides service where I live, and they seem to have an issue with the idea of two different accounts/customers living at the same address, so as soon as I can get them to stop giving me the run-around and actually set up my new connection the comic will be back to it's regularly scheduled mediocrity.

For now I'm going to work on uploading the last couple of strips from the current arc and setting them to update on Saturdays with, maybe with a Meanwhile or something else for fun on Tuesday. Once everything is settled again we'll get back to the regular update schedule, as well as some cool new stuff I'd intended to announce just before everything went fucktarded.

26th Nov 2012, 6:18 PM
awww - well we will be here when you get it worked out :D
3rd Dec 2012, 10:29 AM
They certainly aren't making it easy, so far every attempt to get things fixed has been a TOTAL bust and I'm still without internet.

Hopefully on Wednesday I'll be getting a phone with net capabilities again, might be able to use that as a hotspot enough to upload comics and check Twitter.
3rd Dec 2012, 12:47 PM
whelp .. not going anywhere .. ! *pitches tent and waits* :D
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