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Smoking Gun
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18th Aug 2012, 2:00 AM
Jason's just taken a step toward badass-itude.

Miles has nerves of steel, man.

I really don't like drawing smoke.


So, yeeeaaaaaah, this is late.

Really late.

In fact, it's pretty much so late that it might as well just be Saturday's update (since, y'know, it's Saturday) and we can all just accept that I missed an update entirely.

Being as I owe those few of you who deign to read my little comic an explanation (you're all my favorite people, and keep me on the positive edge of madness), here goes: I was sick.

WOW, that was easy, huh?

Okay, okay, no need to glare! Sheesh.

I'm really not sure what was (and, to be honest, still kind of IS) wrong, but I get these intense and abrupt feeling of vertigo and nausea at random. I'm assuming it has something to do with not medicating at all while I detox for my new day job, but it could also lend to my theory that I have a benign brain tumor causing pressure on my motor cortex.

Either way, it's still not a good excuse for missing an update entirely.

I'm aiming for some My Mediocre Mind-related random stuff up for tomorrow to help make amends for missing Tuesday, so keep an eye out for that if I haven't completely alienated my entire readership (please don't leave me, I'm nothing without you baby!).

Oh, on a side-note, Caustic Soda is my new favorite podcast. You should check it out.


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19th Aug 2012, 2:35 PM
Nice--and you pulled off drawing smoke, too!

Your vertigo + nausea thing sounds like a migraine type thing I have called 'cyclic vomiting syndrome' aka abdominal migraine. Have you looked into migraines yet? Good luck.
19th Aug 2012, 7:28 PM
Not going to lie, the smoke nearly made me it's bitch. I probably had to re-draw it a half-dozed times before I was willing upload this one and I'm still not a huge fan of how it looks.

As to the migraine thing, it comes and goes and waves and there's no pain associated with it. I'd go to a doctor to double-check just in case, but that whole not being able to afford health insurance of any sort kinda leaves me to guess and hope my brain doesn't melt out my ears or something.

Thanks for the advice, though!
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