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Where There's Smoke
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11th Aug 2012, 4:20 AM
Hey, they finally got the hell out of the living room!

Also, smoke is hard for me to draw.


What? I'm on schedule twice in a row?!


Yeah yeah, I really am sticking to this ENTIRELY manageable twice a week schedule. I've actually started coming to like the added days between comics, not only because I'm STILL in the midst of forging a life from the shrapnel I have around me, but because it gives me time to work on other stuff.

With that stellar segway, I'm thinking of tossing some snippits of the short stories I've worked on in here for the next couple of updates. Since there's only, like, fifteen of you who check out the strip regularly, any thoughts?

Anyway, it's about time I get back to work, see you Tuesday!


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