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Sad Sketchbook Filler
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8th Jul 2012, 1:09 AM
I originally doodled this while I was homeless, sometime back in '07. At the time my right hand was tightly bound with a gym sock and some wood, having set the bone clumsily in my compromised mental state.

It was one of those times I tried to draw left-handed. I've always been ambidextrous with my handwriting (my right hand IS a little steadier) but my ability to draw with my left hand, at least compared to my abilities back then, was SEVERELY lacking.

At some point after I came back to indoor living and my mind pieced mostly back together, I tried to finish the parts I'd left out for some strange reason, the result was... different. My sense of perspective seemed skewed or just... not quite in sync. I gave it up pretty quickly, I couldn't get back into that mindset.


Yeah, I know, not a comic. I got really caught up writing scripts (I wanted to get at least a week's done today, to make finishing a strip once a day much faster) and then had to do a little computer maintenance. My power supply appears to be dying, just as I'm completely out of cash.

I can still use it for work and watching video or listening to music, but if I want to do any video editing or gaming it'll have to be done on my netbook (which basically limits me to mobile games).

I'll have a strip up tomorrow, no worries. My scheduling gets a little shaky, playing it close to the chest financially right now and living on scraps of good luck, hoping for the best.

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6th Jun 2013, 5:09 PM
dude you had a broken arm were homeless and youre right handed and doodled this with your left i cant draw a star with my right hand
6th Jun 2013, 10:04 PM
Ambidexterity is rather useful, I'd say.
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